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Dr. K

Thank you Dr. Kurth for making my teeth very straight. I can have a big smile. I really liked my braces, and also Maria for making me laugh all the time. Thank you.

Even though I was excited to get my braces off … having them was cool too. I am so happy to have straight teeth. Thanks so much Dr. Kurth!

I am so happy that my braces are finally off. I can eat whatever I want. Dr. Kurth did such a super job. Thank you so much.

Estoy feliz porque my tratamiento se termino y mis dientes estan muy bonitos y es mucha la diferencia a la anterior. Estoy feliz y muchas gracias a la doctora y atodos.

I am very happy that my braces are off. Now I can smile with confidence! Thank you Dr. Kurth and Sofia for everything!

Thank you Dr. Kurth and staff for straightening my teeth! The result is amazing! What a sense of accomplishment! It was well worth the time, and no, you are never too old to get it done.

Tomorrow I am 50...whahoo! And it feels great to have straight teeth after all those years of crooked ones. Dr. Jacklyn is a master craftsman!

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