Success stories

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Dr. K

Before I had braces I was unconfident about my smile, but now that they are fixed and beautiful- I love to smile all the time. Thank you Dr. Kurth!

At first, my teeth were quite crooked. After, my teeth are perfectly straight. The staff and Dr. Kurth were all very nice and the experience was very good.

I've been waiting for years to get my braces off, and thanks to Dr. Kurth's office, I have a great smile and no braces!!!

I am so lucky to have such an amazing staff to help my teeth look better! This is the best birthday present ever! :) The staff has been so sweet and nice to me. Thank you!

Wearing braces was a weird experience. But the 1 year 3 month experience was totally worth it. Now I feel so much better without braces

Having braces was a blast. When I first got it, I couldn't wait to have perfect teeth. Now that my braces are off, I feel very happy

My experience here was amazing. Everyone here was friendly and wonderful. My smile is now amazing thanks to Dr. Kurth

Everyone in the office is a joy to be around and the appointments go quickly. To top it off, the Dr and the rest of the staff get A+s. My teeth have never been closer to perfect and my smile is better than ever! Thank you!

Everyone here was EXTREMELY nice and catered to exactly what I wanted. My braces came on and off without a problem. Love my new smile!

Last night I was so happy to get my braces off I couldn't sleep. Thank you:)